読者です 読者をやめる 読者になる 読者になる

観光客の女性、bedbug (トコジラミ)に五つ星ホテルで咬まれる




file: to give a document to a court or other organization so that it can be officially recorded and dealt with
lawsuit: a problem or complaint that a person or organization brings to a court of law to be settled
allege: to say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong, although it has not been proved
thigh: the top part of your leg, between your knee and your hip
excrement: the solid waste material that you get rid of through your bowels
exterminate: to kill large numbers of people or animals of a particular type so that they no longer exist
out of comission: not working or not available for use
calaminelotion: a pink liquid that you put on sore, itchy or sunbuened skin to make it less painful
smorgasboad: a large variety of different things
negligent : not taking enough care over something that you are responsible for, with the result that serious mistakes are made
hygienic: clean and likely to prevent bacteria infection, or disease from poreading
reimburse: to pay money back to someone when their money has been spent or lost




grieve: to feel extremely sad, especially because someone you ove has died
postpartum: relating to the time immediately after a woman has a baby
dedicate: to give all your attention and effort to one particulat thing
ecstatic: feeling extremely happy and excited
bliss: perfect happiness or enjoyment
urge: to strongly suggest that someone does something
exclusively: only
halve: to reduce something by a half




administrator: someone whose job involves managing the work of a company or organization
chastise: to criitcize someone severely
pupil: someone who is being taught, especially a child
prediction: a statement about what you think is going to happen, or the act of making this statement



バミューダ諸島の首都、ハミルトンだそうだ。どのくらい高いかというと、New York を100 とした場合141.59。高すぎでしょ。

ちなみにNew York は16 位。TOP20 に入っている都市が一番多い国はスイス。ただ、スイスは給料も高いらしい。









contest: to say formally that you do not accept something or do not agree with if
ignition: the electrical part of a vehicle's engine that mekes it start working
offence: an illegal action or a crime
confrontation: a situation in which there is a lot of angry disagreement between two people or groups
catastrophe: a terrible event in which there is a lot of destruction
consequence: something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions

フロリダ銃撃事件でMac book pro が命を救った


以前にも同様にiphone をポケットに入れておいた人が銃撃から命を救われたニュースがあったけど、この人は運が良かった。



devote: to use all or most of your time, effort etc in order to do something or help someone

ricochet: if a bullet, stone, or other object ricochets, it chages direction when it hits a surface at an angle