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advisory: an official warning or notice that gives information about a dangerous situation 

choppy: choppy water has a lot of waves and is not smooth to sail on craft a small boat

craft: a small boat








substitute: someone who does someone else's job for a limited period of time, especially in a sports team or school
on your own: alone
pull : stop a vehicle
leery: careful in the way that you deal with something or someone because you do not trust them
exchange: a short conversation, usually between two people sho are angry with each other
desolate: a place that is desolate is empty and looks sad because there are no people there
drop off: to take someone or something to a place by car and leave them there on your way to another place
devastate: to make somethng very badly or completely
notify: to formally or officially tell someone about something
ditch: a long narrow hole dug at the side of a field, road etc to hold or remove unwated water





prevail: if a person, idea, or principle prevails in a fight, argument etc, they are successful in the end

classy: fashionable and expensive

pleb: an insulting word meaning someone sho is from a low social class- often used humorously

elucidation: to explain something that is difficult to understand by providing more information









decompose: to decay or make something decay

mummify: to preseve a dead body by putting special oils on it and wrapping it with cloth

desicated: completely dry

coroner: an official whose job is to diccover the cause of someone's death, especially if  they died in a sudden or unusual way

preclude: to prevent something or make something impossible

anthropology: the scientific study of people, their societies

corpse: the dead body of a person





Negative emotions hurt Type 2 diabetics' health
Thursday, December 29, 2016 - 02:43

Research reveals negative emotions are jeopardising the health of Type 2 diabetics by impacting on how they manage their condition, a problem compounded at Christmas. Stuart McDill reports.
ネガティブな感情は2 型糖尿病の病状を悪化させる。彼らの病状管理に影響を与えることによって。この問題はクリスマスにより悪化する。

'Tis the season to be merry - but it can be a tough one for a type 2 diabetic - trying to balance their blood sugar level. Now, new research shows how they feel about their condition can have a serious impact on their health. A survey by Sanofi reveals the stigma of obesity - often associated with diabetes - means some are risking their long term health to hide their illness.
メリー・クリスマスの時期だが2 型糖尿病の患者にとってはきつい時期になりうる。- 血糖レベルのバランスをとる面で。新たな研究によると彼ら2 型糖尿病患者の気持ちの持ちようが彼らの健康状態に重大な影響を及ぼすことが分かってきた。サノフィによる調査は肥満の烙印を押した。-

Diagnosed twenty years ago, Howard Cox, recognises the shame and embarrassment felt by some type 2 diabetics. SOUNDBITE (English) HOWARD COX, TYPE 2 DIABETIC SAYING: "I play golf quite a lot now and, I wouldn't say deliberately, but I don't put too much insulin into me before I play golf because what you don't want on the ninth or tenth hole is for all of a sudden your brain to go a bit awry so you leave it a little bit high deliberately so that you can play the round of golf because there's not really anyway of curing it once you're on the golf course." Injecting insulin helps lower the blood sugar level - but too low can cause hypoglycaemia - or a hypo - which leaves the sufferer needing help. But allowing levels to stay too high has its own risks.
ハワード. コックスは20 年前糖尿病と診断され、2 型糖尿病により恥ずかしい思いやきまりの悪さを自覚しました。”今、頻回にゴルフをしています。故意にとはいいませんが私はゴルフの前にインスリンをそれほど打ちません。それは9 ホールか10 ホール目に突然、脳の働きはうまくいかなくなるからです。だからゴルフを1 ラウンドできるようにわざと血糖は少し高めにしておきます。なぜなら一旦ゴルフコースに出たらそれを治す方法がないんです。” インスリン注射は血糖を低く保ちますが、あまりにも低くなると低血糖を起こします。それは糖尿病患者に助けを必要とさせます。しかし血糖を高くしておくことはそれなりのリスクもあります。

SOUNDBITE (English) DOCTOR MAX PEMBERTON, PSYCHIATRIST SAYING: "People are deliberately not taking quite enough medication to try and avoid having a 'hypo' and that's because they feel embarrassed or ashamed about having one and also because often people have to take the medication out with them so if they go out for a meal they'll have to take their medication with them and people feel embarrassed about using the medication in public so they skip it and don't use it at all." No real issues in the short term but dangerous in the long term. A greater risk of heart attack, stroke, blindness and even amputations.

SOUNDBITE (English) DOCTOR MAX PEMBERTON, PSYCHIATRIST SAYING: "I would actually rather have HIV than diabetes. Now, that sounds quite shocking but the reason for that is that actually now because of advances in medication someone with HIV can now live a normal lifespan. So actually it does not reduce your life expectancy at all. However with diabetes on average, the average person with type 2 diabetes will die ten to fifteen years sooner than someone without. So actually diabetes is a life limiting and life shortening condition and people don't realise that and the reason for that is because its so hard to get that balance just right. So that people typically will be running their blood glucose levels too high and that that in the long term will shorten their life." The research is part of a wider campaign to encourage better blood sugar level management all year round. Not just at Christmas.
私は糖尿病より、むしろHIV になりたいです。この言葉はかなりショッキングなものですが、実際、HIV に薬は改良されHIV 患者は普通の寿命を全うできるようになっています。寿命を全く縮めないのです。しかし、2 型糖尿病患者は平均で10- 15年早く死にます。普通、血糖を高く保つのでそれが長期間にわたると寿命を縮めます。研究結果を受けて1年を通して血糖を指摘レベルに保つことを推奨しています。クリスマスだけでなく。

Go awry: if something goes awry, it does not happen in the way that was planned
Stigma: a strong feeling in society that being in a particular situation or having a particular illness is something to be ashamed of
Compound: to make a difficult situation worse by adding more problems
Jeopardise: to risk losing or spoiling something important




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